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The Constant Change of Deputation

So the last two months of my life and that of my family have been a complete upheaval of change. During most of the month of March we systematically sifted and sorted through the handful of things that we were going to hang onto and put in storage. Then, we either threw away or sold the remainder of our accumulated stuff from the past 13 years. Anything left over after those three filters was donated to our local church for their upcoming garage sale.

The first week of April we stayed in Buna, Texas, (the place in which I was privileged to be raised), and passed our last week there visiting friends and family. Sunday evening I was slowly losing my temper and more hair trying to figure out how to make all of our stuff fit into the back of our silver Honda van. You would think it would be easy since each of us only has one suitcase apiece for clothes. But, oh my good man, what a challenge it was that night! Eventually I gave up and sunk into bed and into a half depression wondering if I could make it all fit.

On Monday, April 9, Stacy had to help me figure it out and we finally made it all fit. Around 1 in the afternoon we started on the road for deputation. Of course we stopped in Lake Charles because my 3-year old phone conveniently decided to die the night before our big trip. I promise I did not break it in a fit of rage. At the T-Mobile store, I purchased another phone and we continued onward until we landed at Saraland, AL for the night. On Tuesday we drove for half an eternity until we finally came to rest in Union, South Carolina around midnight. We were drunk on delirium and weariness and stupefied by the low-speed limits of “The Palmetto State.”

We stayed in Union for four nights and then migrated south to Cayce and stayed there for three nights. In a span of five days we were in six services, two English, three Spanish and one bilingual. One Spanish service lasted nearly five hours and none of the services were in the same town. As a matter of fact, on Saturday we drove 1 1/2 hours northwest for said five-hour service and then drove 2 1/2 hours south to our next “home” in Cayce. That is not counting the half-hour I was lost trying to find the church at 10 in the evening.  While we did travel a lot, the two pastors that hosted us were great. One even bought me a GPS. (Like I needed it, right?) The next morning I drove 1 1/2 hours southwest to a 10AM service only to drive back to Cayce for a 2PM service. Yes, I was late to the afternoon service.

By far the worst part of the trip is the constant unpacking and repacking of the van. And please, if you have never been tormented by this thing called “deputation,” don’t give me hints on how to pack my van and tell me what I should and should not travel with. That’s fine if we were on a 2-week camping trip, but we are not. Our journey will last six months this year. So to show you know what I do about every two to four days, I have provided a video of the packing process. However, keep in mind that the video does not include any unpacking, which at times can be just as bad. Trust me, we are not on vacation or holiday. It has not gotten old yet, but I am sure it will.

Oh yea, it is shot in high-speed. I really don’t move that fast. Enjoy.

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