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Elijah and Twitter

I woke up this morning thinking about the Old Testament prophet Elijah and his showdown with the pagan priests on Mount Carmel. (You can read the story HERE.) But I was not thinking about this great passage in its traditional context. I opened my eyes wondering what the whole episode would have been like in our media-saturated age. I mean, could you image if Elijah was on Twitter? Think about it for a moment. As the day unfolds, Elijah sends out tweets to his followers around Israel keeping them updated on what is going down on top of Carmel. Now I must confess that I do not follow anyone on Twitter, nor do I have an account (which is what made this thought so strange this morning), but that did not prevent my imagination from running wild through the swirling merger of the Old Testament and new forms of communication.

So just for fun and maybe a few giggles, I imagine that the following might have been tweets from Elijah at Mount Carmel. Of course, as is the rule with Twitter, the comments are kept under 140 characters.

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         6:09AM

Meeting with the king today but first need to see Obadiah. He is still one of the few good ones left. So grateful for #faithfulmen

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         7:46AM

Here comes that worthless king now. I really don’t like this vile man! He will learn who the true King of Israel is today. #JehovaisLord

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         8:21AM

On our way to Mount Carmel. Hey Israel, bring a snack and get ready for the show today. #Godwillshowup

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         8:45AM

400 prophets of Asherah + 450 prophets of Baal verses 1 prophet of Jehovah. #Imwinning @Jezebel

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         10:28AM

It sickens me to see how these false, pagan prophets have deceived the nation of Israel over the last few years. #righteousindignation

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         12:11PM

They’ve been screaming/yelling since this morning. It’s noon, still no answer from their fake gods. What did they expect?? #sillyprophets

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         12:37PM

Sleep, meditate, take trips, stay busy. #whatfalsegodsdo LOL! Shout louder at your deaf, mute, useless gods #sillyprophets

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         2:51PM

Really?!? These idiots are cutting themselves now. If ur not here, u gotta come see this. It’s crazy mad stupid. #sillyprophets

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         4:09PM

@kingahab @Jezebel Time for the evening sacrifice. #falseprophets had their chance. Now it’s my turn. Just watch. #Godwillshowup

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         5:16PM

Stones. Check. Trench dug. Check. Wood stacked. Check. Bull cut in pieces. Check. Water poured on everything X 3. Check. #watchthis

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         5:49PM

Just prayed 63 word prayer and KABOOOOOOOM!!!! FIRE FELL FROM HEAVEN. Amazing!!!!! Consumed the sacrifice, even the water!!! #JehovahisLord

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         6:01PM

Music to an old prophet’s ears. The people are shouting “The Lord, He is God!!! The Lord, He is God!!!!” #truthprevailsagain

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         7:18PM

Let’s just say that the kingdom of Israel is now short 850 false prophets. The wick received their reward. #righteousindignation

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         7:31PM

@kingahab Go up, eat and drink, it’s time to celebrate because I hear the sound of an abundance of rain. #draughtwillendtonight

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         7:44PM

I just want to say that my servant gets on my nerves sometimes. Geez! Come on dude, keep looking for a cloud #justalittlecloud

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         8:03PM

Had to send my servant to tell old Ahab to get a move on it. Roll them chariots! @kingahab The sky is turning black. #rainiscoming

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         9:42PM

Not bragging, but God just helped me outrun a chariot in a heavy rain storm. Now at Jezreel, checking into my hotel! #beenagreatday

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         10:39PM

The sound of rain on the roof after a 3 ½ year draught is soooo beautiful!! People are still dancing in the mud. LOL  #noonelikeourGod

Elijah the Prophet @wildmanofGod                                         2:56AM

Still can’t sleep. Too excited about what God did 2day on Carmel. #ouramazingGod Can’t wait 2 c what happens tomorrow. Ha! I won @Jezebel

Then again, maybe someone like Elijah, or any one of us, would not do good with a Twitter account. Check out this article HERE of foolish tweeting. Enjoy.

Written by James C. Marse. Copywrite © 2012

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